American made, high end basics, direct to you.

At Industry Standard, we believe in four things above all else:
good fabrics that last, flattering fits, reasonable prices, and friendly service.
The skinny on our prices:
As shoppers, we're taught to think: the more expensive, the higher the quality. But it's not necessarily true. It usually just means the higher the costs or profits. We keep our costs down through our partnership with our LA factory and by selling direct to you online. We don't charge any prices that we wouldn't want to pay ourselves.

We're a small, independent business, meaning we don't have investors breathing down our necks to pump out profits, so I guess you could say we do what we want.
A New Denim Line That’s Easy on the Eyes and the Wallet
Basically, they’re the best pair of black skinnies we’ve ever found.
What to look for when shopping for jeans?

1. Where it’s made
(LA and Tokyo are the best!)

2. Where the fabric is sourced
(if they don't say, they probably don’t want to tell you.)

3. The % content of cotton
(the higher the better, never go below 85% for good quality.)
The Anti-Brand
We don’t like to bother you with emails. We don’t commercialize holidays like Mother’s Day into shopping opportunities. We don’t get lofty about what we’re doing here. We make good products at a good price and treat our customers nicely. That’s it!
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